About the Conference


Teens have a profound need to connect to Christ. They are hungry for spirituality and truth. Jesus says “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Jn 14:6. Steubenville San Diego is more than a conference. The weekend is an encounter with Christ, an invitation to commit and recommit our lives and hearts to Him. Powerful speakers, holy Priests and religious, engaging music, profound prayer experiences, forgiveness in the sacrament of Reconciliation, holy and joyful celebrations of Mass, the witness of 5,000 teens and leaders gathered in one place, all work together to create a place where every teen can encounter Christ. Hearts are opened and lives are changed as they embrace Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life!


When a teen remembers their experience at a Steubenville Conference, they will not always remember the detail of every talk, but they will be able to explain how they felt, and the impact of the message in their life. We carefully plan for each teen and every group. We create an environment where teens know they can encounter Christ. We help them to see the beauty of our large and diverse church community in our 5,000 participants. We carefully craft a great production experience including lighting, sound, screens, and staging, because we understand how the use of audio and visual help a teen hear and understand the Gospel message. Teens have shared that they knew this was going to be an important weekend because they saw how much effort was put into making the environment, lighting, sound, and video production just right for them!


At All for God, you are part of our family. We want to serve you because we see Jesus in you and in your ministry. We want our relationship with you not just for the confrence but one that lasts all year. Our volunteers and staff are all trained to be exceptional hosts for you, so whatever you need we’re here to help.


The Steubenville office and All for God staff work exceptionally hard on making our conference prayerful. Our staff works very closely with the conference hosts, musicians, and speakers to ensure your teens are purposefully drawn into deep and dynamic prayer. We have a dedicated prayer team that lifts you and your teens up throughout the entire year. During the conference weekend our Adoration chapel is always open and available. We have dedicated priests who are available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation during the weekend. We place special care in planning our Eucharistic Liturgies. Our goal is not for your teens to leave just excited about an event, but to really lead them into an encounter with Jesus Christ

REGISTRATION ONLINE: Easy and accurate

Every step of the registration process is easy and helpful. Our online registration system makes it simple to register your entire group. Connect through computer, tablet or phone, it’s easy to register and to update your group info. When you arrive, we make the check-in process simple, fast, and helpful. We have dedicated staff to help your group from the time you register, through your arrival on site, and to the joyful and holy Sunday Mass conclusion. Make this a powerful summer for your teens and enjoy being part of the All for God family.


At All for God our staff has a depth of youth ministry and conference experience. We understand the realities of youth ministry and the teens you serve. We have a dedicated full-time conference staff, veteran youth ministers, professional event coordinators, production staff, media staff, and more to help ensure that every need is taken care of. We are not spread thin over many events. We are focused. We are available to support you and your parish before, during, and after the Steubenville San Diego Conference.


All for God is dedicated to serving the youthful Church and helping all parishes bring teens closer to Christ. Our website offers free programming resources to every parish. We provide free youth minister training, coaching, and support. We understand the needs of teens, youth ministers, and pastors; and we work hard to ensure that both are served all-year long. We are here to serve you as you serve your teens..