The mission of All for God is to evangelize Catholic teens and young adults, and to inspire them to become disciples of Jesus Christ in active communion with the Catholic Church. We want them to grow in their faith, to become leaders in the church, to be able and willing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


All for God seeks to evangelize Catholic youth by presenting Jesus Christ and the Catholic life of faith in relevant and dynamic ways through various events. We help sustain faith development in Catholic youth by supporting and building parish youth ministry through our HOPE Parish Partner program and our free Catholic youth resources. We strengthen youth ministry at the parish, regional and national level.


All for God provides transformational teen events, empowers young adults, and trains youth ministers. We partner with parishes to launch, grow, and sustain vibrant Catholic youth ministries. We offer exceptional youth group resources for free to all parishes. All for God is a Catholic non-profit organization serving teens and youth ministry with a special focus on impoverished communities. We bring HOPE to teens, parishes, and communities.


To Bring teens to Christ! Teens with strong faith are better on every measure: family life, emotional health, reduced high risk behaviors.
3x less likely to have sex
5x less likely to average “C”, “D”, or “F” grades
10x less likely to regularly drink alcohol
2x less likely to feel depressed
16x less likely to smoke pot regularly
5x less likely to be rebellious with their parents

Source: Soul Searching, Oxford Press, 2005, National Survey of Youth & Religion, 2002-2003